Prophet Musa (A.S) and the Ark of the Covenant

Prophet Musa (A.S) and the Ark of the Covenant
The prophet referred to the most in the Qur'an, both personally and in terms of his people, is Prophet Moosa (AS) [Moses]. Verses provide very detailed information concerning Prophet Moosa (AS) [Moses], his struggle alongside his brother Prophet Haroon (AS) [Aaron] against Pharaoh, the wicked behaviour of his people and his message to them. And there is a miracle that has come down from the time of this blessed prophet to the present day: The Ark of the Covenant... The Ark of the Covenant is a valuable chest revealed by our Almighty Lord in the Qur'an and containing articles belonging to Prophets Moses and Aaron. It is revealed in verses that this chest is a sign from God, endowing believers with peace and a sense of security. For these reasons, Christians, Jews and Muslims have all made great efforts to locate it. Yet it has been lost since 587 BC. As can be seen from the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace), the Ark will be rediscovered in the End Times. There is something else very special about the Ark: The honour of finding this sacred Ark will belong to the leader who will bring the moral values of the Qur'an to prevail on Earth during the End Times. In other words, to the Mahdi. The discovery of the Ark will be one of the major signs of the coming of the Mahdi. At the same time, that sign will also be regarded as a symbol of his dominion. The ark found in the time of the Mahdi (RA) will be removed from Lake Tiberius and brought before him in Bayt al Maqdis [the Masjid al-Aqsa]. When the Jews see this, all but a few will become Muslims. Only God knows for certain.
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